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Be in the know….

Do you have a colleague in the office who always knows what’s going on? 

How do they do it? 

I mean, how do they always know the comings and goings? Of everything. Having their fingers in every pie.

And it’s not just office gossip. No. 

In fact, there is a big difference between “being in the know” and “just knowing it all” i.e. everyone else’s business. Gossiping in the corner over a cup of coffee – who is the senior partner dating, where did they holiday? That’s knowing it all. And is not a good thing. 

But “being in the know” is exactly that. Knowing exactly where you are with your work. At all times. The person “in the know” remains on top of things. They know where each of their matters are, what’s been done, what’s outstanding. They know which client has paid and which one is in arrears. They just know.

Some of us may talk behind their backs, calling them Mr. /Miss “Know it all”. A teacher’s pet. Not always in the nicest of ways. Jealousy rearing its ugly head perhaps? 

Because “being in the know” actually takes a lot of hard work. Constantly following up with the accounts department, keeping in touch with colleagues assisting you on matters (especially those that you have assigned tasks to). Never letting your guard down in case you miss a piece of information. It’s tiring. It’s taxing. And it takes a lot of patience. And a lot of effort. 

But it is very necessary! 

Why? Because missing an important update (whether it be on the matter itself or what is happening in the trust account) is a no-no. Especially in this day and age where information is readily available. And available 24/7. Where people can get answers to their questions whenever they need it. 

And we wager that any business owner will tell you that knowing what is going on, at all times, is crucial. 

But how do you actually stay in the know?

With notifications of course!

You are now given the divine ability of knowing exactly when background processing is done, eliminating the need to sit glued to your screen watching and waiting for things to happen. Knowing when someone has actioned a task (even when it has been completed or rejected). Knowing exactly when money comes into your trust account (which is really handy). And knowing when you need to authorise a payment. As it all happens. 

That’s pretty amazing… Wouldn’t you say?  

With notifications on all the important goings on, you can provide your team, your colleagues and your clients with peace of mind. Because you know what’s happening and so do they. 

An empowering tool that provides you with the “all seeing eye” is achieved, quite simply, with a little notification. 

AJS’s Notifications revolutionises how you can stay “in the know”. Effortlessly. 

In our article Are you in the Practice of Fortune-Telling?, we discussed some pretty exciting developments in the Notification sphere – 

“Every time a deposit is made by a purchaser into your conveyancer’s trust account (so that the conveyancing department can then reinvest the amount into an interest bearing account), your conveyancing team would get a little notification. Wherever they are. 

In fact, imagine if all your banking transactions could be linked to your legal software package so that any money coming in or out of your trust account (related to a matter) would be noted on the system, updating the matter and sending a beautiful little FYI nudge (aka a notification) to you – wherever you are. On your mobile, iPad, laptop or Apple watch – wherever you select the notification to pop up. You would always be “in the know”. Like a live bank feed?!

Imagine you could customise these notifications for your specific practice. Or, more impressively, customise these notifications as preferences for each individual department.

Absolutely mind blowing for the everyday legal practice

Keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring everyone remains on top of their game. Sweet!

But how do the notifications work?

With four categories of notifications – like a notification when there has been a completion or generation of a document, perhaps with the use of Quick View to see what is happening at a glance, a notification for User Tasks that have been assigned, rejected or completed – making reporting to clients far easier. Even getting updates on your Bank Feeds, ensuring that any money that comes in or goes out of your trust account (related to a matter) is noted on the system.

Remaining on top, ahead of the curve and being in the know has never been easier.

You will be notified when anything important happens either in your in-app indicators at the top of screen or via email (email notifications requiring authorisations include attachments and links to authorise or reject). 

What a pleasure!

Next time your senior partner or client demands an update, “immediately” – you can actually provide one, immediately, with little to no hassle. Wherever you are! You don’t even need to be at your desk to know what’s going on (although you will need to log in to action anything). 

As soon as a notification is received, coloured buttons (per your chosen category) will show the number of unread notifications. You can clear them in your own time. Ensuring that you always remain in control of your work and how you like things done. 

Note: once the notification is read, the indicator will reset. However the actual notification will remain on your list until it is cleared by the user. The notifications will appear on your home screen and resemble the “WhatsApp” messages icon – i.e. “1 new message”. That way you never miss a thing! In some instances, such as with the Auto Bank Feeds, a statement will be ready to view as an attachment – no need to log into any other system. Just AJS.

The bonus here is that the in-app notification is always done. So no matter what, you always get notified of important comings and goings.

Whew! What a relief. There is basically no admin required!

But you are also able to set your own preferences per user – either you can receive your notifications via email or through push notifications (like the little popup messages you get at the bottom of your screen from Teams or Outlook). It’s your choice (and is predominantly influenced by how you work). 

Lastly, being in the know doesn’t mean constantly checking to see if something has been completed or (worse) sitting and watching your screen all the time. Not for AJS users anyway. Just check your notifications whenever there is a little pop-up, email or message and you are all sorted.

Being an over achiever has never been easier. And that’s not a bad thing when you are playing to your best advantage.

Our mission

AJS has made it their mission with their Version 4 updates to save you time whilst also ensuring that your practice remains on top of absolutely everything. Every single day. 

With the addition of these rather wonderful Version 4 update features to our current service offerings, we believe that your business will absolutely thrive.  

Onwards and upwards we say!

AJS is excited to reveal our amazing updates (to an already incredible system). Be sure to tune in next week where we will be giving you a little look at some other fancy features. A little taster anyway.  

See you next week!

Written by Alicia Koch on behalf of AJS

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