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Kobus Stander, Managing Director of Smart Business Accountants, recently made the following observation,

“The legal professional has been compelled, recently to make changes to the way they operate and manage their firms. Outsourcing of certain internal functions is one area where we have seen a marked increase and this is now viewed as a way to not only  save money but also to improve efficiency and continuity.’’

Smart Business Accountants (SBA), mainly play in the outsourced space and have built up an impressive client base across the legal communities in South Africa and neighbouring countries. SBA are regarded by their peers and clients as experts in the field of legal accounting and practice management. Outsourcing has become a particularly relevant business practice during the past year due to the effects of the pandemic and SBA have experienced an increased uptake in law firms seeking their services. Kobus goes on to say that it has been heart-warming to witness the resilience and determination of law firms over these challenging times.

“Their ability to adapt during adverse conditions has ensured the continued success of the legal industry in general. We have even seen a number of firms expanding their horizons and many new start-up firms – despite the economic challenges faced by practitioners. “

Kobus continues to confirm that the AJS system has become the most trusted service provider for their clients. The main reasons for this are the benefit of remote accessibility, the overall stability of the system and their ability to keep providing and improving functionality within their system.

This enables law firms to always run their practices to the highest levels of efficiency. AJS is not only a legal accounting program but also a full practice management tool – of world class standard – catering for a wide range of client requirements.

“We look forward to the imminent release of AJS version 4. We believe there are some exceptional additions and even more time saving functionality for accountants and bookkeepers.”

For more information on AJS email sales@ajs.co.za or view the website www.ajs.co.za.

For more information on what SBA can do for your law firm contact Kobus at 086 111 3999/ 082 820 0943 or kobus@sbacc.co.za

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